Shoot for Autism is an annual charity shoot in support of the Southern Autistic School, Victoria.

Southern Autistic School, Victoria provides specialist education for children whom suffer from Autism and has continued to grow in enrolment since being built in 2001. With an original plan to cater for 88 students, growing rapidly, the school now has over 180 students attending.

This brings a number of financial challenges that are unique to specialist schools. The school employs speech therapists, occupational therapists, a social worker and a psychologist.

Shoot for Autism was established as a charity to raise funds for Southern Autistic School, Victoria to provide specialist educational opportunities for students with autism.

For further information on us and how to offer your support, please head to the About Us page.

The 21st May 2016 saw the annual the 3rd Annual “Shoot for Autism” charity event proudly sponsored by Nightforce Optics take place at the Grantville Rifle Club, Victoria Australia. This is the second time Nightforce has sponsored what is fast becoming the premier prize meeting in Victoria if not Australia.


The charity raises funds for the Southern Autistic School Victoria who provides specialist educational opportunities for students with autism.


Nightforce sponsored a NF Competition 15 – 55 X 52 which was auctioned for $2500. Organisers would like to thank winner, Chris WINTERHALTER for his purchase. A big thank you to Jamie DENNIS from Light force situated in South Australia, who is the Australian importer of NF scopes & arranged the sponsorship.


Over 50 Competitors from across Victoria attended the shoot helping raise $5000, much needed funds for a Communication Program for the Junior School.


The charity event is run on annual basis with all proceeds going directly to the charity. The event is growing annually & the prize pool is second to none with over $3000 of prizes up for grabs.


The charity organisers look forward to the ongoing partnership with Nightforce Optics.


To date the charity has raised excess of $12,500 for children suffering with autism.


Brad & Hayley STEER
Charity Organisers / Founders


Shoot for Autism is conducted in accordance with the current Standard Shooting Rules at the Grantville Rifle Club, Bass Highway, Grantville.